Is there an age limit to skydive in Nashville?

The first step is to authorize a waiver before your initial skydive. This is a legally binding agreement, which in turn means that everyone who skydives and signs the paperwork, has to be at least 18 years old. This requirement applies to all of those skydiving in Nashville, Tennessee and our other locations in the US.

How much does it cost to go skydiving?

How much you'll pay for skydiving jumps depends upon the type of that adventure. If you prefer the most affordable option for skydiving in Nashville, we suggest tandem skydiving. What you will pay also depends on current gas rates as well as the time of year. To get specific pricing, please give our location a call for more details.

Is there a way to record the skydiving jump?

Definitely! Skydiving Near Nashville has video packages that will cover your entire skydiving jump, from aircraft ride to landing. Our network videographers will get a small interview with you before you boarding the plane and during the flight to altitude. The videographer will jump out of the plane with you and capture your entire skydiving freefall on videotape! The videographer will also land prior to you to ensure that your landing is recorded on tape, as well.

Can skydivers bring their own cameras for their dive?

We encourage you to bring your own camera and capture some photographs, or possibly video, from the ground. Cameras are not to be brought onto the aircraft prior to your skydiving jump.

How high up and at what speed can I expect to go during my skydive?

The altitude that each skydive is performed at is dependent on the weather and wind for the day. Most tandem skydives are conducted at a maximum of 14,000 feet above the ground. You can expect to reach speeds of up to 120mph within the first few seconds of your freefall.

Could all of my friends dive all at once?

For the most part, we do our best to ensure you have the best possible group to jump with. You may be able to jump all together, but consider a few things first. There is a very quick delay between you and every other jumper from the aircraft, which means that you may not freefall and parachute ride at the exact same moment. A lot of our groups and couples choose to go on separate plane rides so that they can see their friends freefall and land.

What if a friend or family member does not want to jump?

You are more than welcome to bring family and friends to watch your skydiving experience. They can stay on the ground and watch the entire skydiving jump from the viewing area. Non-jumpers are not permitted on the airplane at any time.