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Skydiving Near Nashville

Here at Nashville skydiving, our organization of skydive specialists will help connect you with the best tandem, solo and advanced freefall skydiving experiences in the Nashville area! Just think of the sensation of ascending high above the clouds in a specially-designed skydiving plane, arriving at heights of up to 14,000 feet!

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Tandem Skydiving in Nashville

Tandem Skydives

If skydiving is on your 'bucket list' you really need to check out tandem skydiving with us here at Skydiving Near Nashville! Join us here at Skydiving Near Nashville for the most incredible ways to experience the fun and excitement of complete freefall sky diving over Tennessee. Skydiving is one of life's greatest and best journeys. The feeling is indescribable, and the buzz lasts for weeks. Experiencing skydiving is a must for those who love to fly!

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Nashville Skydiving School

Skydiving Certification

Nashville Skydiving School skydiving centers offer two method of starting on the path to solo sky diving, Accelerated Freefall (AFF) and Tandem Progression, ensuring that you can select the course that is right for you. Whether you want to become a solo sky diver or are interested in a career in skydiving, Nashville Skydiving School can help!

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Skydiving Gifts Nashville

Nashville Skydiving Gift Ideas

Awesome for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas, Skydiving Near Nashville Gift Cards can be ordered as a tandem skydiving experience, an advanced course or one of the fantastic Nashville Skydiving packages that we offer. Gift Vouchers are good for 24 months from your purchase date and are fully transferable so that the receiver can always re-gift it!

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Nashville Skydiving Videos

Skydive Video Packages in Nashville

Skydiving Near Nashville sky diving centers have some of the most experienced videographers in Tennessee to capture every second of the jump of your lifetime! Some locations also use a different camera, a sportscam, (a camera mounted on your Tandem Master's forearm) for a lower cost, persona video.

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When you visit Nashville you know you’re in store for a good time. After all, the city is full of amazing things to do all centered around its musical influences and southern history. Nashville has multitudes of opportunities for sightseeing and touring and visiting all the way from its food scene, to particular seasonal festivals to its “Music City” themed attractions and events. With all of this excitement at your disposal you may not be looking any further than general Nashville for the purpose of entertainment, but why not take a chance on something a little more innovative and offbeat yet full of exhilaration, like a skydive with us? When choose to skydive with us, you’re guaranteed a full-on out of this world experience. Give us a call and skydive in Nashville today!

Don't allow life pass you by - get off the couch and into a skydiving jumpsuit! Our team of skydiving experts will help you pick the perfect skydiving school for your first, or next, skydiving adventure! We specialize in providing individuals and groups of people of all sizes with bookings for the most recommended skydiving courses and special deals. Contact us today to turn your dreams into a reality!

Nashville is a state capital located in the north central portion of Tennessee. Nashville, Tennessee is well known for it's music and transportation industries, as well as a number of well known universities and colleges. Nicknamed the Music City, Nashville is home to roughly 625,000 residents. It is the second largest city in Tennessee, falling behind Memphis. Summer temperatures in Nashville, Tennessee average right around 75 degrees, making it a gorgeous and reliable sight to partake in your very first skydiving experience.

A Brief "Walk Through" of a Traditional First Day.

Skydiving is the ideal way to experience an enormous adrenaline rush, with most first time skydivers returning to do it again as quickly as possible. Skydiving is one of the only times when you can experience something similar to human flight, experiencing a sense of unparalleled freedom. Most people would love to skydive but hold off as they feel the sport is a high-risk activity. However, The United States Parachuting Association has logged the jumps of over 350,000 people who have completed more than 3 million jumps a year - there is a higher assumed danger associated when driving, particularly when compared to skydiving.

Why Should You Consider a Tandem Skydive?

It guarantees safety. To fly solo, you will need to complete a multilevel course that will call for hundreds of hours of preparation. Aside from this, you will need to fulfill all the requirements including successfully passing a written exam as well as exhibiting your skydiving capabilities. You can skip all of these requirements through tandem skydiving. After a short training session, you will be strapped to an experienced tandem instructor for an adventure of a lifetime.

All About Tandem Skydiving

Also called tandem jumping, tandem skydiving requires that students be strapped to an instructor that will guide them through the process of exiting the aircraft, diving, and safely landing onto the ground. The majority of the labor of freefalling and piloting is delegated to the instructor, with the first timer simply enjoying the adventure. The United States Parachute Association mandates individuals taking part in skydiving to be at least 18 years old.

Tandem skydiving is usually the very first time that someone experiences extended freefall. It only requires a brief ground instruction where your instructor will direct you on how to exit the aircraft, proper body positions, canopy control and good landing positions. Next, your instructor will take the time to show you the basic function of the equipment and explain its safety features although you will not be in control during the actual skydive session.

If you are susceptible to sudden nausea before your skydive experience, don't fret as this is normal. If nausea does happen, it's likely due to the nerves or the slow and swaying portion of the canopy glide. Individuals with average weights of around 200lbs have a greater risk of getting nauseated but should not worry as this is just a short-term feeling. However, this sensation rapidly dissipates after landing.

To have a safe and worry-free adventure, you will be using certain pieces of equipment in each of the jumps. Your instructor will pull the drogue release cable shortly after you exit the plane to allow the drogue to catch air, drawing the main parachute out of the container and causing it to expand. This motion will also decelerate your descent. Another important piece of skydiving equipment is the automatic activation device AAD) that detects whether you have opened the parachute properly and if not, it releases the reserve parachute thus saving lives.

Skydiving Instructor's Qualification

A skydiving professional instructor has to belong to USPA and log at least 500 jumps and 3 hours of freefall. Further, she or he will have at least three years of skydiving experience and must be familiar with skydiving equipment, drop zone layout, free falls, planes, canopy flights and landings.

Suggestions for Your First Tandem Skydiving Experience

  • You will spend several hours in and around the drop zone. Request a briefing and get to ask any questions you might have in your mind to make sure that you have an idea of what to expect in the first skydive. Typically, you will be able to bring a light snack and it is recommended that you eat it in the start of the tour, so you won't feel sick before and during the freefall.
  • Don't hesitate to take a small dose of dramamine, or an over-the-counter medicine for nausea, a few hours before flying.
  • You will be provided and fitted with several pieces of safety equipment, including a jumpsuit and a headgear.

Thrilling Tandem Jump

Once you are finished with the instructional session, you will be harnessed to your instructor and get to enjoy a plane ride before diving out the plane with help from your instructor. What follows is the thrill of a free fall experience and the amazing descent underneath a parachute. Breathing should be easy in free fall. Just be sure you breathe through your mouth and stay confident knowing your protective gear is in place to guarantee safety during the skydive experience.

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